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If you came to find out about the antioxidant mangosteen beverage XanGo, unfortunately we are not allowed to give you the details.  The FDA does not want you to know how very effective this supplement is in supporting your health.  We have been shut down!


Somebody Should Do Something About That!

Are you guilty of having uttered these words? I was listening to the radio today and they brought up this same discussion. Why not put your words into action? That “somebody” should be you. Maybe it’s helping victims involved in disaster like Haiti or as simple as picking up litter off of the street. It takes people to inspire change and make a difference. You might think that your actions are small in the big scheme of things, but they really do make a difference.

Six years ago, we started ReBinder because we saw a need and wanted to be part of the solution. Having owned a hardware and software business for 12 years, we managed to collect a room full of plastic, three ring binders. The guilt set in when we realized that one day all these would make their way to a landfill.

Consider the bigger picture. We were one business of thousands contributing to the problem. We started dissecting how these toxic binders were made and decided to create a better mouse trap. In order to effectively recycle a traditional vinyl three ring binder required a load of tools and strength just to get down to removing a couple of the pieces that could be recycled but the plastic part would be around for thousands of years. The evolution turned into a binder with a recyclable cover made of recycled cardboard and ring metals that could easily be removed. Better yet, should your ReBinder cover ever need to be replaced, the ring metals and assembly can be easily installed into a replacement cover (at a fraction of the price of buying a new binder). That little idea turned into a profitable business that makes small changes every day. Not just from an environmental standpoint but we also work with a local disabled workforce that does the assembly of our ReBinders. Our product has given people with disabilities a job and confidence that they are making a difference.

This isn’t a plea to buy our products (though we’re confident you will love them), but more to be a leader by doing and watch as others follow your lead. Leaders bring in followers and create Tribes. Thank you for being part of our Tribe!

(This blog post is reprinted from the ReBinder website)



Making Mothers Day Exciting for the Mothers in your Life

Here is a chance to sidestep the traditional Mothers Day gift ideas.  Perhaps you are looking for something more exciting for that special person, your mom.

Sure, flowers and chocolates, sweets and champagne are great; actually, when you look around and pay attention to all the ads that recommend Mothers Day gifts you can always find something to please your mother, or grandmother, or mother-in law or whoever had anything to do with mothering you. 

In spite of gifts, what mothers want most of all is your recognition and your genuine love and attention.  Don't forget that, because that should come first. Don't forget to tell your mother how much she means to you.

Having said that, we have found a unique Mothers Day gift for the mom-on-the-go that is as practical as it is unusual. It is "green" because it minimizes the electrical grid from frequently uploading devices, using the sun as an alternative power source.  The Ultimate Green Store is offering the Solio Classic Universal Hybrid Charger in Silver (click on picture for details). It stores power from the sun or outlet to charge Mom's cell phone, pda, ipod & more.  Imagine your mother's surprise when she realizes she will never again run out of  "juice" as she can now charge up anytime from anywhere. 

Honor your mother with your love and with a green gift that truly makes her happy.

Happy Mother's Day!



A Unique Mothers Day Gift?

What makes your mother smile?

Let’s face it: your mother will have a smile on her face whatever you choose to honor her with for Mothers' Day. You may follow tradition by sending her flowers (nice), chocolate (also nice), or take her out to a really nice restaurant (if your budget allows). She’ll be happy.

Actually, what mothers – or grandmothers -- really want (I should know: I am one) is her family’s attention and recognition of what she does.

Send a Bottle with a Special Bear Hug Today !We found something that really makes a Statement with a unique Mothers Day gift, This mother’s day message finds its way deep inside her heart. She’ll never forget this! It’s called “Timeless Message in a Bottle” and it’s something she can enjoy forever and show off to her friends.

Flowers last about a week, Chocolate self-destructs, a Timeless Message in a Bottle lasts as long as she does. Just take a look and see if it fits for your mother. Then, watch the expression on your mother’s face when she reads your message inside the bottle and realizes how you have put your efforts into telling her how much you love and appreciate her.

Create happy family memories with this unique Mothers Day Gift.

Happy Mother's Day!



Go Green with Earth Day Specials

Earth Day is just around the corner. In fact, tomorrow our town is putting on a huge Earth Day Event and I am taking my 4 grandchildren with me to experience the full measure of it. Now, all we need is a nice day for it. Rain can wait.

In honor of Earth Day several of the companies we work with are offering coupons for discounts and freebies that we want you to know about. This is a good time to become serious about that green lifestyle and low or no carbon footprint and stock up on things that you need. Tell your family and friends how easy it is to be green.

I myself just ordered a laundry dryer ball, actually two, because they are packaged two to a box. They are a great idea because they dry and soften your laundry in a toxin-free and environmentally safe way, save on energy and on chemical dryer sheets.

The coupons work like this: At the checkout counter you work your way through the normal routine process and at the end, where you put in your payment information, you put in the appropriate coupon code and click on the “apply” button (usually there is one) and that removes the cost of the item. The balance then should just show your shipping charge, but not the price of the item.

Switch over to our website right now; that's where you find the bargains.  Enjoy your shopping while you help save the Earth.